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I interviewed Youtube Dietitian Amy Hager, MS, RDN! She has two successful channels, one about nutrition and one hobby account, and she shares how you can develop strategies to monetize your channel. 

Season 2 Episode 12

More Information About Amy 

  • Amy earned her dietetic license in the early 2000s 
  • She has a private practice 
  • She also makes and sells her jewelry 
  • She helps healthcare providers alleviate burnout

How Did She Become A Youtube Dietitian? 

 Amy first got the idea to make a youtube channel from a friend. He was an ICU nurse who recently left his FT job because his own Youtube channel about farming was becoming profitable. 

At the time Amy and her husband were building their own home in the mountains and decided to document the process. Amy uploaded videos of their projects and soon after the subscribers started rolling in. Her friend recommended she upload four videos per week to get traction so Amy went to work. 

How Do You Monetize Your Channel? 

Youtube has specific benchmarks that you have to meet to qualify for monetization: 

  • You need 1000 subscribers 
  • 4000 hours of watch time within a calendar year 

After you satisfy these criteria Youtube will allow you to place ads in your videos. Similar to adding blogs to the web page for blogging. 

How Else Can You Make Money From Your Channel? 

Youtube Ads are great, but they are not the only way you can make money in your business: 

  • Market e-books, e-courses, and products to sell 
  • Work with brands 
  • Ask for sponsorships from companies you love 
  • Use affiliate links for products you recommend and frequently use in your videos 
  • Funnel people to your website if you have more to sell there 

Amy recommends completing keyword research for Youtube videos. It will help your content reach the right audience and can help your videos get seen in the Youtube algorithm. 

What Kind Of Tech Does A Youtube Dietitian Need To Get Started? 

Here are the essentials: 

  • A camera that you can rely on 
  • A microphone can enhance audio quality. Amy thinks it is essential if you plan to record anything outdoors 
  • A tripod 
  • A backdrop that reflects your personality and the content of the video 
  • iMovie for video editing 

The most important thing to focus on is creating high-quality content. Through her own experiences producing content, Amy believes it is better to produce one high-quality video each week instead of rushing to record five smaller ones. 

How Do You Stay Inspired To Keep Creating Content?

Admittedly this part of content creating can be hard! To stay inspired Amy offers these suggestions: 

  • Build your content around trending keywords 
  • Look at your analytics and see which topics got a lot of attention in the past 
  • Keep a running list of creative ideas 
  • Taking a break can be a fabulous way to refresh your creativity 
  • Browse through Youtube and see what is catching your eye 

If you’re ready to hear from Amy and learn how you can be a Youtube Dietitian hit play on the episode below! 

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