What Is Freelancing?

Does it feel like you’ve heard about freelancing but you’re not quite sure what it is? In this episode I will introduce myself and give you the facts to finally get an answer: what is freelancing! 

Season 1 Episode 1

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Hi I’m Julia

Welcome to the first episode of the Freelance Dietitian Podcast! I’m your host, Julia Zakrzewski and I am a Canadian based dietitian who is a relatively new freelancer. 

I currently work full-time in primary care and I provide nutrition counseling to patients alongside other health care providers. After three and a half years of working in this environment I started to feel fatigued from all the counseling. 

I started to day dream about trying something new that still incorporated my dietitian credentials. I’ve always wanted to own my own business, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I had tried private practice in the past but it didn’t work out. I want to pursue a different type of work that doesn’t rely on one on one patient care. 

What Is Freelancing? 

I researched part time self-employment opportunities and I discovered the world of freelancing. 

I learned that a freelancer is an independent entity. They are very similar to a contractor, but not quite the same. 

When you are a contractor you fill the role outlined by the company and act as a temporary employee. You need to be at work within the outlined hours, complete the scope of the project and you will earn the salary dictated by the company. 

A freelancer offers a service but remains their own boss. You have the freedom to clearly define your working hours, the deliverables, and you can charge much more for your specialized skills. 

Freelancing is not superior to contract work, but it is important for you to know they are different. 

How Did I Start Freelancing? 

I was immediately drawn to freelance writing. I took Anna Reisdorf’s writing course Freelance Writing for the RD and that immensely boosted my confidence as a writer. 

In my first month of freelancing I made over a thousand dollars and in the following months I started to earn three grand. I was only working 12 to 15 hours per month on my freelance business and I was thrilled. 

Which Skills Can You Freelance? 

  • Nutrition writing (blog writing, article writing, anywhere you see text! 
  • Creating reels and video content for other businesses
  • Developing recipes for a start-up brand 
  • Public speaking at conferences or live talks 
  • Designing handouts for other health care providers 
  • Consulting supplement brands to help develop their formula and ingredients list 

You are not limited to freelancing online. You can freelance your skills as a nutrition groups facilitator or by giving presentations. I recommend trying a few different services to see what fits best for you. 

I’m Too Scared To Start Freelancing 

Freelancing is tricky because you need to learn business skills! We were never taught how to be entrepreneurs in nutrition school, but guess what, you can absolutely learn these skills! 

I can’t think of a more collectively driven profession than Registered Dietitians. All dietitians are unstoppable when they focus on learning something new, especially when it can put some extra cash in your pocket! 

The only first step you need to take is to put yourself out there. Tell your friends and colleagues you are starting to freelance your skills, you would be surprised who will need your services! 

Is Freelancing Too Saturated? 

Absolutely not, nor will it ever be, especially if you are freelancing online! Any person hooked up to the internet and managing their business online is a potential client for you. 

I understand the worry, I also felt afraid I would never get a high paying client, but they are out there. You have to trust your dietitian services are valued and sought after, the proof will follow after you sign your first client! 

Is Freelancing Easy? 

I can’t promise you that freelancing is going to be easy. But you know what, all the best things in life that hard work. There’s no life-hacks to get around that truth. 

Fortunately, I have yet to meet an RD that shies away from hard work, you are absolutely capable of tackling the freelance world. There’s more and more dieticians doing it every single day.

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