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Have you ever heard from a dietitian working in food label compliance? I know I hadn’t before this interview! Kelsey Moore freelances her retail knowledge and creates labels for new food brands. 

More Information About Kelsey: 

  • She used to provide 1:1 counseling and provided nutrition tips to an Olympic athlete! 
  • Kelsey loves to play board games and explore local restaurants
  • She currently lives in Canada 
  • Her freelance business is called Canada Food Labels

How Do Dietitians Work With Food Labels? 

Kelsey states that Dietitians encounter food labels a lot on the job: 

  • Teaching consumers and clients how to read food labels 
  • How to better understand the ingredients in a product 
  • Educating others on how to interpret certifications and marketing components
  • Producing labels for an in-house product 

She confirms there is front of house responsibilities too, like designing the label with software or photoshop. 

How Did You Get Your First Job? 

Kelsey started her freelance journey on Upwork (I have done several episodes on Upwork. You can listen to them here). After completing a few jobs she felt her confidence and skills increase and started to pitch herself to companies off the platform. She shares more details about this process in the interview. 

She says, “Right now the services I offer are things like food label reviews, food label compliance, developing nutrition facts tables. And to break that down a little bit further, what that looks like is essentially I get a company from the states that want to bring their products into Canada. The nutrition facts table and the whole label will need to satisfy different requirements in the states compared to Canada.” 

Having the skills to help your clients bring their products into new countries is a valuable and helpful freelance service. 

How Did You Learn About Label Requirements? 

Kelsey says all the information you need is available online. She recommends visiting: 

Both of these websites are intended for Canadian products. If you are working on American products you may want to research the requirements on the FDA website

Ready to listen to the full episode? Hit the play button below and listen to the full interview:

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