Season Four Kickoff!

It’s finally here – the newest season of the Freelance Dietitian Podcast. Click the play button below to dive right in.

This season I am prioritizing discussions about mental health and growth as an entrepreneur. I’ve been doing a lot of learning and self-reflection while I’ve been offline and I’m excited to share my stories with you. I hope every episode leaves you feeling inspired and excited to start your own freelance journey!

I will be inviting guests back on the show in future episodes – for now I just wanted to hog the air time and catch up ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Hey,and welcome to the freelance dietitian podcast. I’m your host, Julia, I used to be a clinical dietitian, and now I’m an entrepreneur and freelance health writer – and I do a couple other things on the side.

I took a break from the show, but now I’m back and I’m so excited to kick off season four of the podcast. Let’s catch up.

*Intro jingle*

Hello to new listeners and old. The last time I was at my desk recording an episode was in December, 2022, and it feels so great to be recording this podcast again. I think it’s good manners to introduce myself in case there are possible new listeners. So here I go.

My name is Julia. I’m a Canadian dietitian and I’ve been practicing as an RD for five years. I landed a job in primary care immediately after I graduated and I worked in outpatient for three years. My coworkers were so lovely at that job, and on paper, the gig was stellar. But I just knew after three years, like this was not my long-term career plan and it just wasn’t the right fit for me. During the pandemic, I discovered freelance work and at the end of2021, I quit my full-time job to work for myself. Now I have a freelance writing business, I hired my older brother, which is pretty fun and I love to podcast.

The freelance dietitian podcast is my baby and if I could just do this for the rest of my life and earn a living, I totally would-in a heartbeat.The reason that I love podcasting so much is it gives an opportunity for storytelling. I like longer content.I mean, this season, I’m going to try to keep the episodes between 12 to 20minutes, max. Unless I have a guest and it’s really good that I might let it run a little bit. Um, but just those bite-size stories that leave you thinking the rest of the day. Like,I love that stuff and I think others must love it too, because podcasting is just exploding.

When you’re talking about business specifically and on the show, I do talk about some hard business skills and then also some soft skills. I just think it’s really important to showcase that not everything is all daisies and roses all the time and it takes so much work to become a successful business owner.

And that should not be daunting, that should not be a negative message, I’m only saying that because I want you guys to realize like, it takes a lot of hard work, but you are so capable. Oh,you know what that reminds me. I’m doing this exercise where I don’t say but anymore and I just say, and, and it just feels like a more positive spin. So, yes, opening a small business is a lot of work and you are so capable and you can handle it.

Behind my tiny blue microphone and my tiny little home office I want to be a reminder for you guys that there is such a big world out there RDS and these days you seriously can have it all.

Whether that means pivoting in your career and going full-time as a freelancer or nurturing the thought of entrepreneurship. I always want you to know that you’re braver than you think, and you really can do anything that you set your mind to. It’s so cheesy, but I’ll swear by that any day of the week.

And I hope that, like I said, at the end of every episode, you just feel so inspired and your gears start to work in your brain about what else you can do to feel fulfilled. If anybody’s interested in hearing more real-time episodes about my early days in the freelance journey, I recommend that you listened to the first season of the show.

Once you’re done, you can move into season two, which is loaded with guest interviews of other incredible people who broke the mold and found a way to tie dietetics and entrepreneurship together.There’s so many conversations in those seasons and I think they’re going to leave you with big time goosebumps.Because listening to other people achieve their dreams is thrilling.In those podcasts interviews,you get to experience the excitement of what those people are doing and it’s contagious.Your own brain will start to daydream and go, what could I do?How could I be more entrepreneurial?

And you know what? Those are such good questions, and I really want you to explore them.This season, I will be prioritizing discussions about mindset and mental health, and, what does it take to push yourself to be successful? And how do you deal with those really low periods that are unavoidable? Of course,I do want to share fun stories with you too. It’s not all going to be the heavy stuff, but I think over the last three years, my business has matured a lot and I have matured a lot. So the new content is going to reflect that.

I would describe my early seasons of the podcast as my angsty years, because I was processing huge changes in my life which was basically happening in real time with you guys through these airwaves.And now I’m on the cusp of turning 30 and I do finally feel closer to the person that I hoped I would grow up to be.

Getting there took a lot of work and I think through conversations I’ve had with listeners through email and through Instagram and anywhere else, you guys find me it sounds like you have very similar interests,which I think is so cool. And all of that basically funnels into personal growth and development and maturing and shedding layers of fear that may have been holding you back in the past.

Uh,yeah,all of that juicy stuff that you really have to go through if you want to see any kind of substantial growth within. I’m a water sign. So that’s where I thrive. I like getting into the juicy bits like that and i hope you guys are going to be into it too because they are topics that i want to explore way more this season of the podcast.

I do want to say that we are going to have fun. Like it’s not going to be all heavy and serious all the time. Uh,I hope there are bits and pieces from conversations that float across your brain and, you know, leave you with pleasant contemplation,but we’re still gonna keep it really lighthearted here. I think of this podcast as a living diary and what I go through, I bring you all with me. And so I want to have fun with you guys.

I plan on having guests on the show later this season.If you think that you would be a great guest, because you have a story to share, you’re welcome to send me a pitch.My email is would ask that you make it creative and make it stand out.

I really want to highlight what’s unique about your story and how that would benefit listeners.Listeners in the past have told me that they really appreciate hearing new perspectives and stories on my show that aren’t talked about on the other dietitian podcasts and I feel very protective of upholding that bar because I love it too. It keeps things interesting.

So that’s basically what I wanted to share in this season opener. It’s a little taste. It’s just, you know, here we go diving in, uh, and next week I am going to be back and I’m going to be sharing more about what I’ve been up to in the past six months. What’s new over here and yeah, it’s just so great to be back and I’m looking forward to season four.

Thank you so much for tuning in.If you liked the show,please consider leaving a five-star review.Every single rating helps boost the algorithm of the show so other people can find it more easily.If you haven’t already,please subscribe to the show and i’ll see you guys next week.Bye

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