Freelance Nutrition Artist 

In this episode, I interview Sara Kerr. She is a Registered Dietitian, freelance nutrition artist, and small business owner. 

We kick off season two of the Freelance Dietitian Podcast with a great chat about creativity and inspiration. Sarah shares why she decided to combine science and art! 

Season 2 Episode 10

More Information About Sara 

  • When she graduated high school she didn’t know yet she would become a Dietitian
  • She always loved art, including drawing and video-based content 
  • She was born on the East Coast but now lives in Oregon
  • She is a proud cat mama and also has ferrets 

Which Types Of Jobs Can A Freelance Artist Do? 

Sara shares that there are endless ways a dietitian could contribute to the artist space: 

  • Filming and editing TikTok videos 
  • Filming brand content or educational videos on Youtube
  • Producing recipe-based content 
  • Drawing and redesigning textbook images 
  • Making materials for other dietitians to use in their practice (handouts, presentations, ebooks) 

The small list above is just the tip of the iceberg. If you have artistic skills that fall beyond these ideas go after them! Dietetics could benefit from more creative souls. 

How Did Sara Learn How To Be A Freelance Artist? 

Sara developed many of her skills through self-education. She created her own Youtube channel and practiced editing and creating videos by creating her content. In the interview, Sarah states the best experience is to get her hands dirty and start experimenting. 

How Do You Find Freelance Artist Jobs? 

Sara has several ways of finding work: 

  • Using freelance marketplaces such as Upwork and Fiverr
  • Networking and posting on Facebook groups 
  • Referrals and word of mouth 

Never underestimate the power of networking! If you encounter a freelance dietitian say hi. Even if they aren’t in the same field as you they could still be a potential lead in the future. 

What Does The Onboarding Process Look Like? 

Every freelancer will have a different approach to onboarding (signing on) a new client. Methods that work well for Sara include: 

  • A discovery call to better understand the project needs
  • Develop a potential framework for the project and create a cost estimate 
  • Negotiate and clarify the deliverables 
  • Set up milestones throughout the project for feedback and updates 
  • Start the process 

In the contract, Sara and the client will discuss who owns the finished work. As an artist, it is important to be clear if you are selling your rights to the piece or not. 

How To Deal With Imposter Syndrome As A Freelance Nutrition Artist

Every freelancer and the new business owner runs into imposter syndrome. It can feel like: 

  • You aren’t qualified enough to do the work 
  • You doubt your skills 
  • You talk yourself out of an opportunity even though you are capable 
  • You price yourself below your worth 
  • You’re scared people will think you don’t know what you’re doing 

In the interview Sara shares her tips on how to manage these feelings. If you want to hear her suggestions and learn how you can become a freelance nutrition artist hit the play button below! You can message Sara through her website.

If you missed the season finale from last year you can tune in here

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