How To Make Money As A Dietitian: 6 Reasons Why You Should Start Freelancing! 

How to make money as a dietitian? Try freelancing! In this weeks episode I review six major reasons why you should start freelancing today.

Season 1 Episode 2

6 Reasons Why You Should Start Freelancing 

1. Money 

There are freelance Dietitians that earn significantly more money than a traditional role could offer. I personally know freelancers who pull upwards of six figures while staying below a forty hour workweek.  

Every freelancer will set their own rates. Everybody wants to know “how much should I charge?” but it is a loaded question. The best way to figure out your rate is to do the math backwards. Set your financial goal and then find out how many projects you need to complete (and at what rate) to meet your goal. I provide more information on this in my beginner course! 

Within the episode I share some typical rates you can expect to earn as a freelance dietitian. You can tune into this episode by scrolling to the end of the page and pressing play. 

2. Autonomy 

The second reason why you should be freelancing is that you get to be the boss. There is a deficit of management opportunities in the field of dietetics, so why not create your own position and finally be a CEO? 

You will have the freedom to focus on nutrition topics that appeal to you the most. You don’t have to ask anybody for permission to pursue new projects and you get to decide where the status quo will lie.  

3.Your Professional Expertise Is Valued 

Your professional expertise is valued and sought after online. People are obsessed with their food and nutrition and they want your help navigating it all!  

There are Dietitians working in retail, food labeling and policy, supplement development and so many more sectors. The best part about nutrition is it overlaps with many other areas which increases the opportunities available to you. 

4. Remote Work Opportunities

If you freelance online you get to work remotely. Prior to the pandemic, this was (mostly) unheard of for health care providers! 

You can work at home, work at a library, at a cafe, or anywhere in the world. As long as you update your insurance to cover you for virtual work, you are set. 

5. Flexibility Over Your Schedule 

Freelancing equals flexibility; you have the chance to work any hour of the day. You can get your work done in the morning before your kids wake up, or late at night when the rest of the world has gone to sleep. 

Working in a private practice or providing counseling services means that you need to be available when your clients are available. If you freelance, you can set your own schedule. This is a blessing for people who feel more creative or productive in the evening compared to the middle of the day. 

6. It Never Gets Boring! 

As a freelancer you will have the chance to choose specific jobs and projects that line up with your skills and interests. It will never get boring because you can always pivot or learn new skills. 

The online world is constantly evolving but dietitians are trained to keep up. By nature we are avid researchers and always hungry to stay current with new health guidelines. As freelancing needs change, so will you, and it will never get boring! 

How To Make Money As A Dietitian

There are so many different ways that you could pitch yourself as a freelancer. Writing is a popular place to start, but that is not where freelance opportunities end. 

Ways To Make Money As A Dietitian: 

  • Develop resources for other Dietitians in private practice 
  • Create and present live presentations for local sports teams 
  • Offer to write blog posts for a local health clinic 
  • Start a food photography side hustle for anyone writing a cookbook 

The opportunities to freelance your skills and make money as a dietitian are endless. You will probably have to try a few different skills until you find your favorite freelance gig, this is normal! Keep showing up and continue to put yourself out there. If you need help crafting your pitch you can download my free pitching guide here! 

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