I Interview A Listener! 

Today I sit down with a listener, Courtney O’Neill! She is a Canadian based Dietitian who is just starting her freelance journey 

S2 Episode 27 –  I Interview A Listener! Ft. Courtney O’Neill RD

More Information About Courtney:

  • Courtney is a devoted mom to two kiddos 
  • She opened up a small private practiced called Stonehouse Nutrition
  • She is a long time listener of the show (thank you Courtney, we love to hear it!) 
  • She currently resides in Ontario, Canada 

In this episode Courtney shares: 

  • Her experiences not getting accepted into an internship right after school (happened to me too!)
  • Why freelancing is calling her name 
  • How she is indulging her creative side (which is something brand new for her) 
  • All the details about her new private practice
  • You can reach out to Courtney through her website (linked above) or through her instagram

Ready to hear from Courtney? Hit play on the button below! 

Did you miss last week’s episode? Don’t sweat it. You can catch up here: Cold Calling 101 

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