How To Build A Freelance Writing Portfolio

No portfolio? No Problem. Tune in to this episode of the Freelance Dietitian Podcast to learn how to build a freelance writing portfolio. 

Season 1 Episode 6

Do You Need A Portfolio?

Yes, you need some kind of portfolio to showcase your skills and your best work. But, it doesn’t have to be an entire website dedicated to your work. You can opt for a simpler presentation such as: 

  • Using your LinkedIn Profile 
  • Using Google Docs (one of the most popular methods) 
  • Use Canva if graphics are incorporated into your work 
  • Use Medium

When you are ready to grow your business you can make a website and design your own fancy portfolio. I like using LinkedIn because my most recent and best stuff will be the most visible, versus my website takes more effort to update.

How Do I Build A Portfolio Without Any Experience? 

You have a few options in this scenario: 

  • Create a fictitious dream project and complete the work as if you were truly hired to work with that client (this is called a spec piece)
  • Offer to be a guest writer on a blog you love 
  • Write your own content and post to LinkedIn or Medium 
  • Ask different facebook groups if anybody needs writing help 

I recommend aiming for three pieces of content minimum. They do not have to be the full length and you can show an excerpt of 250-400 words. 

Your Portfolio Needs To Be Flawless 

No pressure, but your portfolio needs to be flawless. If you only get one chance to impress a potential client you need to make sure you are putting your best work forward. 

  • Triple check for spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Have at least two other people read your piece
  • Avoid slang and swearing (unless your dream client digs it) 
  • Make sure your references are listed in the correct format 
  • Titles need to be capitalized! I always see people forgetting this one 

Different programs like Grammarly can help catch mistakes and improve your grammar. It is not a perfect tool but the free version is adequate. You can install the extension onto a chrome browser. 

If you want to keep learning how to build a freelance writing portfolio hit play on the episode link below! I walk you through five easy steps to create a knockout spec piece that you can use for potential clients. 

You can also catch up on last week’s episode by clicking here: Upwork for beginners – Part Two! 

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