How To Become A Successful Food Blogger

Beth Moncel from Budget Bytes is this week’s guest! Tune in to hear her tips on how you can become a successful food blogger. 

Season 2 Episode 30: Creating An Epically Successful Food Blog ft. Beth Moncel, founder of BudgetBytes

More Information About Beth: 

  • She went to college with the plan of becoming a Dietitian 
  • She is the founder and visionary behind the hugely successful food blog, Budget Bytes 
  • Her perfect day is out of the office and kayaking on the lake 
  • Beth’s nutrition philosophy: all foods in moderation (yes, we love it!) 

How Did Budget Bytes Come To Be? 

Beth had graduated from college with a degree in dietetics and she had planned to become a Registered Dietitian. After graduation, and dealing with incoming student loan payments, she started to look closer at her budget and track every dollar. 

In the interview Beth shares, “I know I can’t just eat ramen noodles every day because in the long run that’s gonna cost me more in my health. So I started really breaking down what I was spending on groceries, and calculating how much all my recipes were costing and then how much that was costing per serving.” 

She includes these calculations in her recipe blog posts and the concept took off!

How Did Budget Bytes Take Off? 

When it was first published Beth didn’t think anyone would see her content. It was a hobby blog and she never expected it to get famous. 

She says, “I did not think anyone was gonna see it at all, but pretty early on like literally within the first few months that the blog was up, um, it got noticed by someone at life hacker. I don’t know if they’re even still around, but they were one of the big website groups out there, kind of like Buzzfeed.”

Should A New Food Blogger Learn SEO? 

Beth recommends yes, that new bloggers should start to implement SEO practices in their blogs as soon as possible. She says that if you wait to do it later it can a lot of extra work to go through your archive and update your existing content. 

If the thought of learning SEO is overwhelming, let it slide for now. Beth says, “I am a very big fan of just diving in and starting, without trying to get all of your details in a row first. If you try to learn everything first, you will never get started, you know? And your content is always gonna be bad at first, you know, just let it be bad and learn as you go.” 

Any Helpful Tips For New Food Bloggers?

Beth shares some helpful tips: 

  • Be ready to always learn something new. The blogging world moves so fast, that you have to keep educating yourself on best practices to stay relevant 
  • Social media is essential because it helps your SEO 
  • Listen to your audience and create content they are asking for
  • Hire some help if you need support, otherwise, it can suck the joy out of your blogging experiences 
  • Network with other bloggers because they experience the same struggles you do, and it can help to learn from each other 

Don’t let fear hold you back. If you want to start a food blog, go after it! 

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