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Freelance nutrition writer and dietitian Ana Reisdorf joins me on the show this week. Ana has built a successful freelance writing empire and today she shares tips on how you can start freelancing too. 

Season 2 Episode 11

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More Information About Ana 

  • She worked in clinical nutrition, health education, and long-term care before discovering freelance writing 
  • Now her writing business is set to earn over 800k this year 
  • She is a devoted mom and lives in Tennesse 
  • Her Freelance Writing For The RD Course launched my personal freelance career! I highly recommend it to RDs who are serious about freelance writing 

What Is A Freelance Nutrition Writer? 

A freelance nutrition writer applies their knowledge to create written pieces of content. As a freelance writer you could be creating: 

  • Blog posts 
  • Writer an editorial piece for a magazine 
  • Email newsletters for nutrition businesses 
  • Copywriting for supplement products 
  • Writing Amazon product labels 
  • Creating PowerPoint presentations 
  • Updating the literature and research on old articles 
  • Writing whitepapers for other businesses 

The opportunities for freelance writers are endless. You have to experiment with a few different types of writing to find a niche you love. 

Leverage Your Dietitian Knowledge In Your Freelance Writing 

Dietitians are trained experts in the field of nutrition. All that knowledge will make you stand out against other health writers. 

Companies also like working with health care providers. It gives the content an extra edge and it can also help the content rank higher in search engines (which helps drive organic traffic to the website and hopefully lead to more buyers!) 

Dietitians can work with: 

  • Supplement brands 
  • Health technology businesses 
  • Food brands 
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Other healthcare providers 
  • Food label regulations 

What Is the Earning Potential For A Freelance Nutrition Writer? 

Ana believes the earning potential is unlimited. If you are willing to do the work and put yourself out there (while learning new skills), you can earn a lot of money. 

Profitable writing jobs include: 

  • E-mail sequencing and e-mail nurturing 
  • Amazon product description 
  • Copywriting sales pages 

Ana states niching down your skills and focusing on one ideal client can help you earn more dollars. She provides more specific examples in the podcast episode. 

Is Freelance Writing Saturated? 

No way. There are so many new businesses that pop up online every single day, and they need writers! If a saturated market is holding you back from freelance writing you need to get that thought out of your brain. 

There will never be a time that the number of licensed dietitian writers surpasses the number of opportunities online. 

How Do I Craft A Strong Pitch To A Potential Client? 

Ana shares these tips to strengthen your pitch: 

  • Know your client and tailor your message 
  • Familiarize yourself with the businesses needs (if their blog hasn’t been updated in months, start with that) 
  • Don’t be afraid to follow up 
  • Put some personality into your pitch, while remaining professional
  • No typos! 

Editors and businesses get hundreds of pitches per week. You need to make sure you are sending a message that stands out and convinces them you can help their business. 

Ready to hear more tips on how how to become a successful freelance nutrition writer? Hit the play button on the episode below! 

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