Digital Strategist – Whitney Bateson

Whitney Bateson, RD, digital strategist, and web design agency owner joins me this week on the Freelance Dietitian Podcast! Tune in to hear her explain what digital strategy is, and she also shares some fun adventure stories from her world travels. 

Season 2 Episode 24 

More Information About Whitney: 

  • She has been an RD for 10+ years 
  • She grew up in DC 
  • She has always loved combining technology and design with nutrition 
  • At the time of recording this episode, Whitney was in Panama!  

What Is A Digital Strategy?

Whitney breaks it down for us right out the gate. She says, “how you are attracting an audience using digital tools.” Examples of this include: 

  • Email marketing
  • Social media 
  • Website 
  • Hosting events 

A successful digital strategy helps you pull in an audience that can be nurtured and converted into paying customers. 

How Did You Learn About Digital Strategy? 

Whitney attended school to be a Dietitian and she pursued a lot of self-education to beef up her tech knowledge. If anyone else is interested in learning more, she suggests:

  • Taking advantage of free books and resources from her local library
  • Attending networking events with other women in tech 
  • Completing online courses on Coursera or LinkedIn
  • Trial and error through her website and brand-building experiences 

The most important thing is to put yourself out there. If you see someone online doing something cool that you’d like to do, send them a message! Whitney says people have been very happy to share knowledge and are very open to connecting online. 

Whitney has plenty of encouraging words to share with listeners. If you want to hear from this trailblazer, hit play on the episode below!

Did you miss an episode? Don’t sweat it. You can catch up on last week’s episode here: All About Business Coaches! 

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