Dietitian Nutrition Writer 

Caitlin Beale is a talented dietitian nutrition writer. In this episode we talk about her professional journey and she shares her experiences as a writer! 

Season 2 Episode 32 – Freelance Writing Fireside Chats with Caitlin Beale, MS, RDN

More Information About Caitlin:

  • She used to run a private practice dedicated to women’s health and gut health 
  • She loves to read and cozy up with a good book
  • She earned an English degree before pursuing dietetics 
  • Caitlin is a devoted mom and lices in California 

During the interview Cailtin shares details helpful tips on: 

  • The pros and cons of private practice
  • The freedom that comes with being a freelance writer (click the link to check out her writing website)
  • How she manages her schedule 
  • Her current rates 

Ready to listen to the full interview? Hit the play button and hear from a successful dietitian nutrition writer now! 

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