Culinary Dietitian and Freelancer 

Today I interviewed a listener! Bailey Franklyn is a culinary dietitian and new freelancer who has started to make money just by following freelance tips from this podcast. 

021: I Interview A Listener! Ft. Bailey Franklyn, RD & Culinary Chef

More Information About Bailey: 

  • Her small business is called Harvest Table Nutrition
  • She creates delicious plant-based recipes 
  • She has been skiing since she was two years old! 
  • She currently resides in Ontario, Canada

Why Did She Start Freelancing? 

Bailey started freelancing because she wanted to try something new and different. She was motivated to earn a few extra dollars, but she was excited to put herself out there and learn new skills. 

She says, “[it’s a chance to] use skills that I might not typically use in my day-to-day that I get to practice [through freelancing], which I think is super cool.” 

What Types Of Projects Has She Done So Far? 

She started freelancing a few months ago but so far she has: 

  • Writing articles for an app that targets pregnant women 
  • Creating blog pieces about fad diets 
  • Reviewing recipes and offering appropriate dietary substitutions

In the future, she wants to lean into her chef skills and work more in the field of recipe development. 

Where Does She Find Freelance Work? 

Right now she primarily focuses on Upwork to secure clients. She also has a small list of brands she would love to work with but she feels nervous about sending them a pitch. 

Putting yourself out there for the first time can be hard, but Bailey is certain she will do it one day soon. 

How Did It Feel To Submit Your First Freelance Project? 

Speaking of firsts, a freelancer never forgets their first paid assignment. Bailey describes the overall experience as positive but a little scary too, in the best way possible. 

She says, “When I sent my first pitch out it was a mix of excitement and nerves because you have no idea what you are getting into. And then I spent double the amount of time writing and proofreading an article, it was ridiculous. I remember submitting the document and closing my laptop and walking away” 

Bailey got great feedback from that piece and it was very motivating. She felt more confident and wanted to keep getting new assignments under her belt! 

Ready to hear the full interview with this talented culinary Dietitian? Hit the play button below to start the episode! 

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