hi there!

I’m Julia

If you told me 5 years I ago I would quit my full time clinical job to pursue freelancing I would have laughed and said ya right. But, here I am! Happily building my dream-life as a freelance health writer. 

My Story


Probably like many of you, I love getting nerdy about nutrition. My first full-time job was in primary care and I was excited to geek out and share my knowledge with patients and peers. I stayed in that role for three and a half years and then I quit my job.

It was terrifying, liberating, and the best decision I’ve ever made. I made an episode all about this journey on my podcast, you can click this link to hear the full story.

I created the Freelance Dietitian Podcast for two reasons:

1. To help RDs learn how to freelance. The profession needs to grow, diversify, and modernize. I think freelancing provides RDs with more opportunities to make that happen.

2. I have a healthy obsession with seeing how many different ways RDs can use their credentials, and I love sharing these amazing stories on the podcast!

If you’re ready to try something new (with no overhead and no long-term commitment) freelancing could be a viable career option for you.


Fun Facts

I bet you didn’t know:

I took the picture you see on the right! It is in “Graffiti-Alley” a famous street through Toronto

In case you didn’t make the connection I am Canadian. My american friends can’t believe how much I say eh

My primary source of income is my nutrition writing business. I hired my brother to be my editor and now we have a family business

The first podcast that I ever listened to was S-town by This American Life. It is some of the most incredibly story telling I’ve ever listened to

My lame joke to deflect nutrition questions at a party is “I’m off duty”

My role model growing up was (is) Buffy

Education & Philosophy

Registered dietitian 

I have been a practicing RD since 2018. I worked in primary care for three years before quitting and pursuing freelance writing.

I do not believe that humans exist on this planet to be productive 24/7. I want to work and meet my financial goals but then I want to unplug and live my life.

If you ever see me promoting a hustle or grind culture call my family and let them know I’ve been brainwashed by aliens.

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