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Do any of these sound like you: 

  • You’ve held your current Dietitian role for a while and it’s starting to feel stale.
  • You want your own business, but the idea of opening a private practice doesn’t feel right.  
  • You want more creative opportunities and an unlimited income potential.
  • Work is important but it’s not the only thing you live for. You dream of having more time for life and more time for family

Freelancing can open those doors for you

Why listen to the Freelance Dietitian Podcast? 

it is the only rd-hosted show dedicated to freelancing

Learn from other dietitians

Interviews and solo episodes

A perfect place to start if you’re brand new

Every episode is loaded with helpful information that is designed to make you smile and educate you on freelancing.

The conversations are light-hearted, relatable, and inspiring.

Support the show

tips & donations are optional

but they are always appreciated

Every episode takes approximately four hours to produce. 

This includes researching potential guests, interviewing, editing, producing, and marketing. 

Please consider supporting the show. Even as little as five dollars helps to cover the cost of operating the podcast, and ensures everyone keeps enjoying great content! 



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hi there!

I’M Julia

I’m A freelance dietitian

Three years ago I didn’t even know what freelancing was. I left my clinical role to pursue freelance writing full time and I earn more money and work fewer hours. It was not easy, but it was worth it. I want to teach you how to be a successful freelancer too!

The Freelance Dietitian Podcast

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Solo Episode With Your Host!

Solo Episode With Your Host!

This past summer I made big revenue goals for I tell you guys how it went! Hit the play button below to get started. S3 Episode 39: Solo Episode With Your Host, Ft Julia Zakrzewski, RD In this episode I also share updates about the future of the Freelance...

Media Dietitian And Freelance Opportunities

Media Dietitian And Freelance Opportunities

Today I sit down with Media Dietitian Amy Groin, MS RDN. Hit the play button below to start the interview! Season 3 Episode 38: Media Dietitian & Freelance Opportunities ft. Amy Gorin, MS, RDN We NEED more Media Dietitians! If you are ready to step up to the...

Dietitian UGC Creator

Dietitian UGC Creator

Today I sit down with Dietitian UGC Creator Anna Kalfayan, and she wants to tell you how you can get into UGC too. Season 3 Episode 37: Dietitian UGC Creator ft. Anna Kalfayan, RD Hey RD, if you: Love marketing Have always wanted to work with brands Have no...

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